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Big Data

The world of today contains a huge volume of digital information that is consistently increasing in volume at an astonishing pace. The increase in volume of digital information is almost tenfold every 5 years and by 2020, it is predicted to reach a threshold of 40 zettabytes (ZB). Most of the digital information is derived from multiple sources including social media, internet, blogs, sensor networks, and much more.


What the world of tomorrow really needs is Big Data management potential and that is where Alpha Synopsis intends to provide its expertise. We have a team of experts who can help your organization to manage the current and expected onslaught of big data analytics. We have the necessary infrastructure mechanism in place to manage structured big data as well as emerging big data. Using technology to handle volume digital information within the digital universe including non-relational data simply translates into the need for organizations to make smarter and increasingly faster decisions.


The Big Data Analytics Platform


Alpha Synopsis’s Big Data Platform enables the realization of the value derived from big data and at the same time offers a complete solution for managing big data analytics. Our Big Data platform has been created to run essential big data analytic applications and is enabled with an analytics engine like massively parallel processing (MPP), which has the ability to store as well as process big data analytics along with data. Our Big Data platform can deliver top-level performance along with extreme scalability, which translates into competitive advantage in several areas like:  


·         Accelerating development of analytics

·         Enabling new big data analytic framework

·         Increasing cost-effectiveness of big data analytics

·         Faster development and runtime

·         15x increase in productivity and performance


The integrated platform offered by Alpha Synopsis implements capabilities for broad analytics and provides our clients a unified support system for all end-to-end big data analytics solutions. Some of the salient aspects of our integrated big data analytics platform are:


·         The platform can be used for multiple hardware architectures and platforms

·         It provides extreme flexibility for deployment purposes

·         It has been enabled for quick implementation and starts delivering value instantly

·         The solution is designed for specific verticals like insurance, financial services, retail, automotive, manufacturing, government, healthcare, and telecommunication.

·         Enables comprehensive and continuous analysis of huge volumes of digital data with faster response time

·         An end-to-end solution for managing as well as analyzing huge volumes of unstructured and structured data

·         The platform helps in optimizing overall performance of data

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